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Black Rice and Kale

Black Rice and Kale

If you are trying to eat on the healthier side, this is a great go-to meal. Because it is delicious at room temperature, it can also be a good choice for taking a healthy lunch to work or school. We sometimes add some warmed turkey from the deli or put […]

Salad Nicoise

Because it requires very little cooking, this is a perfect salad for the hot days of summer! In fact, we enjoy it dressed with a lovely champagne shallot vinaigrette and served with some crusty French Bread. Print Recipe Salad Nicoise Prep Time20 minsCook Time20 minsTotal Time40 mins Course: Main Course, […]

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Chicken Parmesan with Spaghetti Squash

My husband LOVES Chicken Parmesan and considers himself a connoisseur. This comes from his first job working at an Italian restaurant as a dishwasher. Although he didn’t make a lot, he did get a free meal at the end of his shift and it was almost always Chicken Parmesan. To […]

Cooked soy honey cod

Soy Honey Glazed Cod with Ginger Bok Choy

Let’s say you crave Japanese food but can’t go out due to a tight budget. Not only will this recipe satisfy the urge, but it also won’t break the bank! You can purchase a large cod filet at your local grocery for about five bucks. And, it will normally be […]

Carrot Cream Soup

With only three ingredients, this is filling soup is terrific on a cold day!  You would think it would be sweet given the number of carrots called for in the recipe, but in fact, the combination is actually quite savory. Also, top it with a few crispy croutons for some […]

Kale and White Beans

Super easy, healthy and great on a budget, Kale and White Beans is one of our family’s favorites! You can splurge and add some sausage or throw an egg on it for extra protein.  If you want to brunch it up – poach the eggs on top! It also works […]