Sauteed Collard Greens

Sauteed Collard Greens

Collard Greens are ubiquitous in the South. You find hundreds of variations, but no two are exactly the same. Normally, Southern greens are cooked down in a flavorful stock and served alongside a nice piece of yellow cornbread. However, they take on a different and bright, nutty flavor from a […]

Black Beans

Cuban Style Black Beans

Many people use black beans straight out of the can, but we like to add a bit more flavor! Adding a few simple spices and a dash of vinegar takes these black beans from boring to unique. We serve them as a side dish or pair them with some rice […]

Cooked summer squash with tarragon

Summer Squash with Tarragon

Growing up in the South meant bountiful summers with gorgeous fresh produce! It seemed like everyone had a garden and wanted to share the wealth. Visiting a neighbor? Bring them your squash or maybe fresh tomatoes. How about fresh butter beans or snap peas? I always thought this was so […]

Kale and White Beans

Super easy, healthy and great on a budget, Kale and White Beans is one of our family’s favorites! You can splurge and add some sausage or throw an egg on it for extra protein.  If you want to brunch it up – poach the eggs on top! It also works […]