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Macaroni and Cheese
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Granny Pat’s Macaroni and Cheese


 One of the things I remember most about my Granny’s recipe was how different her noodles were from other mac and cheese. She loved using giant elbow macaroni and I do too if I can find it. She also used real cheese- no box mixes here! Over the years I […]

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Carrot Cream Soup


  With only three ingredients, this is filling soup is terrific on a cold day!  You would think it would be sweet given the number of carrots called for in the recipe, but in fact, the combination is actually quite savory. Also, top it with a few crispy croutons for […]

Chimichurri Sauce
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Chimichurri Sauce


 Chimichurri is a beautiful South American sauce packed full of fresh herbs. Just one spoonful elevates even the simplest meals. At first, we only served it with skirt steak. Then we added it to grilled chicken and fish. And today, I put some on my scrambled eggs! I just love […]

Ginger Garlic Salad Dressing Ingredients
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Ginger Garlic Salad Dressing


 Like so many other people, I often get recipes from family and friends. This one came from my brilliant friend Christina who is an amazing artist and chef. Thank you, Christina! She uses really nice olive oils, raw honey, and nama shoyu. Nama Shoyu is an unpasteurized soy sauce believed […]

Kitchen Setup

Setting Up Your First Kitchen


 Maybe you are lucky enough to have your own apartment when you start college. Or maybe you have just moved into your first apartment on your own. Either way, you will need some basic kitchen tools. This is an easy checklist to help get started! Notes A Good Chopping Knife […]